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$100.00 each

Our organic compost is made up a mixture of untreated pine sawdust, shavings & mulches mixed with paunch grass and turned over for approximately 12months, creating a stable environment for plants. Because the organic compost has good bacteria and fungi, feeding the plants naturally, it makes the plant stronger and healthier, therefore less likely to be attacked by nasty diseases or bad fungi. All our products have come from well known sources that are clear of pesticides and herbicides.

  • Great job. I am always amazed how much you two get done in the time you are here. Thanks for mulching the piles of extra pruning I left on the driveway. Your worker is a very positive guy and like you, nothing seems like to much trouble so please thank him from us

    — Colin B.


Yard Hours:
Friday and Saturday 9am – 3pm.

Delivery can be arranged outside these hours.


2 Duncan Street, Foxton
Phone 021 065 8465
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