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Siteworx is your one-stop shop for all your landscaping supply needs. Come to our yard for bulk purchases of topsoil, compost, mulch, builders mix, cement, sand, landscaping rocks, pavers and more.

We are happy to advise you on the best choice for your project, so feel free to call, or come and visit us to get your landscaping project started with solid plans and high-quality products. You can drive-in and collect your landscaping supplies, or we can arrange to deliver.


With Siteworx best-quality, screened, locally-sourced topsoil you can be sure that you’ve done the groundwork for your garden to flourish. Topsoil is perfect for getting your lawn seed sown to ensure that your lawn gets off to a good start, or for revitalising existing lawn.


Feed your garden with our locally produced, quality compost.

Garden Mix

Quality Topsoil and Compost combined to create optimum nutrients and soil quality for your plants to thrive.


Siteworx has a range of top-quality, untreated mulches to suit your preference. Mulch can makeover your garden, suppress weeds and keep moisture in the soil for longer making your garden maintenance easier.


Our washed river sand is the perfect foundation for your paving project or to fill your child’s sandpit.

Builders Mix

You don’t need to be a builder to use builders mix. It’s a ready to use mixture of sand and aggregate so you just need to add cement and water to have solid material for your hard-landscaping project. No job is too big or too small for builders mix. Mowing strips, driveways, foundations or footpaths this versatile material is used where strong structural landscaping is required. Mix it up in your wheelbarrow or use a concrete mixer.


Mix up our bagged, ready-to-use cement with Siteworx Builders Mix to make concrete for your structural landscaping project.

Base Course

Also known as hard fill, basecourse is made from aggregate and provides a strong base layer for pathways, paving, or for levelling and preparing sections for property development, and for large scale developments such as roading construction.

Top Course

Finer than Base Course, Top Course is perfect for finishing or repairing driveway surfaces

Crushed Ohau Rock

Our decorative crushed Ohau Rock is suitable for garden mulch and has a brown/orange tone.

River Rounds

Siteworx has various grades of washed river rounds to suit your specific needs. Smaller river rounds are suitable for decorative use in gardens and larger grades for rockeries, walls, gabions and drainage.


Create a solid and decorative pathway, outdoor area, patio or driveway with our selection of paving stones. We have everything you need to get your paving job off the ground.


Just add water! Our concrete is pre-mixed and ready to use for your repairs or hard landscaping construction projects.

Landscape Rocks

For indoor or outdoor use! Light up your brazier in your freshly landscaped yard and toast some marshmallows over locally sourced green and dry firewood. Fill-up your woodshed in preparation for the cold winter months. Contact us and organise a delivery today.


Just add water! Our concrete is pre-mixed and ready to use for your repairs or hard landscaping construction projects.

  • Great job. I am always amazed how much you two get done in the time you are here. Thanks for mulching the piles of extra pruning I left on the driveway. Your worker is a very positive guy and like you, nothing seems like to much trouble so please thank him from us

    — Colin B.


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Friday and Saturday 9am – 3pm.

Delivery can be arranged outside these hours.


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